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Basic Facts – Ciroc Vodka

Popular enough, Ciroc is one of the most appealing vodka brands in Nigeria. The eau-de-vie vodka, with the signature long clear bottle features in some of the world’s most glamorous parties and events. To buy Ciroc vodka takes only decision and your pocket of course.

Buy Ciroc Vodka Online - Buy Drinks OnlineWith massive promotion from rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, the drink is a household name in most premium bars and nightclubs around the globe.

It was introduced in 2003 in France by Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, who comes from a family that has owned a wine-growing business for over 400 years.

Ciroc vodka comes from Charente-Maritime of France and is primarily distributed by British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo.

Ciroc is made from French “snap frost” grapes, which makes it different from other vodkas that use potatoes, grain or corn. Ciroc comes in many flavours and varieties and is usually more expensive than other known vodka brands in the market.

First there was the Ciroc Original(blue), then Coconut, Red Berry, Peach, Amaretto, Pineapple and now Green Apple.

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